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Mission Possible Animal Hospital 

A Low Cost High Quality Spay / Neuter & Wellness Clinic!

Located at 910 Lake Road in Medina Ohio, we exist to benefit the pets and their people in our local community and beyond!


Doctor Ashley spayed the first stray cat I brought here and I could not believe how great it was. She was incredible! It was the best recovery on a cat that I have ever had. I go all over doing TNR and that was the best experience yet. Last week, Doctor Phil neutered my precious baby boy and it was like he never had surgery! I brought him home and he was immediately the same crazy cat! I panic attack every time I get a cat fixed because I am always afraid something will happen. Going here, I don't need to worry anymore!

Brandy Randolph

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Low Cost Spay / Neuter Services for both dogs and cats!

Call today for more information! 330-952-1800 


Our current business hours are Monday through Wednesday from 9am to 5pm and every Saturday 9am to 5pm

All services are by appointment only!

Please call us to schedule at 330-952-1800

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Price List

Wellness Services


Heartworm testing $25

FeLV testing $25

FeLV / Fiv testing $30

Lime Testing $35

Fecal Testing $15

Worming / Flea Preventative

Strongid for round and hookworms offered for cats at $6 and based on weight for dogs.
Droncit for tapeworms offered for cats at $10 and dogs based on weight.
Revolution for fleas for cats offered at $15 and based on weight for dogs. (Dogs must have a current negative heartworm test)


Rabies, DHPP, DHLPP, FVRCP, Bordetello Vaccines all offered at just $15 each
FeLV  and Lepto vaccine $25

Influenza Vaccine $50


Ear Cleaning $10

Anal Sac Expression $15

Microchip $35

Nail Trim Dogs $15

Nail Trim Cats $10

Capstar $8

Bloodwork - Varies

Antibiotics - as prescribed by Doctor and price varies

Exam (basic) $20


Spay / Neuter Services


Dog Spay (female)  pricing

Female Dog Spay Prices:
1-20 lbs.    $135
21-40 lbs.  $160
41-60 lbs.  $180
Any Female Dog over $50 pounds needs a pre- surgical exam (complimentary) prior to scheduling


Dog Neuter (male) pricing

Male Dog Neuter Prices
1-20 lbs.       $125
21-40 lbs.     $135
41-80 lbs.     $160
81-100 lbs.   $185
101-125 lbs. $220
126-150 lbs. $275


Male / Female / Feral pricing

Male Cat Neuter       $50

Female Cat Spay      $70

Feral Cats                 $40


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